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Kiddoware - Kids Tablet

Transform A ValuePad To A Kids Tablet


Pre-installed in ValuePad consumer models, the Kids Place suite of apps, from Kiddoware, is a complete software that transforms ValuePad tablets into a safe place for kids to enjoy games, education, and creativity. It enables parents to give their children access to online content without having to worry about the nature of this content and accidental spending of money. It allows parents to control the way their children use the tablet.


ValuePad users enjoy 20% discount on all subscription plans for Kids Place Store. This discount is integrated in the pre-installed Kiddoware apps. User self-installed apps does not have this discount enabled. Note that ValueChain LLC is not affiliated with Kiddoware. The discount is passed on to ValuePad users 100%. Sales and technical questions regarding Kiddoware apps should be sent to


Kiddoware parental control suite of apps include:


Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place is an app launcher with parental controls and child lock that protects parent’s personal data and restricts kids to apps approved by parents. Kids Place also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost parents money. This App includes the following high level features:

ü     Kids Launcher: Easy to use home screen for kids

ü     Time Limit : Controls how long kid(s) can play with the device

ü     Multiple Users Support: Create separate profiles for each user

ü     Blocks Ads and Unauthorized Apps: Limits access to unauthorized and inappropriate content

ü     Blocks Play Store: Prevents downloading and installing new apps

ü     Apps Grouping: Group apps into categories for easier navigation

Kids Safe Browser

The Kids Safe Browser is a cloud based web content filtering plugin for Kids Place. It has a built in browser app designed specifically for younger kids along with an advanced web content filtering engine. The App provides flexibility to parents to configure the filter engine per their needs. It has the following high level features:

ü     Cloud based parental controls for web content

ü     Blocks sites based on 60 plus categories

ü     Custom whitelist/blacklist web sites

ü     Access only parent approved sites

ü     Browser designed specifically for younger kids

Kids Place Video Player

Kids Place Video player is specifically designed for kids and toddlers. Parents can select a list of videos stored on their device, or from YouTube, or the Internet, that kids can watch. Kids will only be able to see the list of videos approved by parents. This App also allows to search videos from YouTube using safety mode, so inappropriate videos are not returned in search results. It has the following high level features:

ü     Parental controls for videos

ü     Kids Safe YouTube search

ü     Child lock settings

ü     Ability to select videos from device

ü     Kid friendly media player and controls

ü     Pre-loaded YouTube playlist (can be configured to meet Telefonica’s needs)

Kids Place Screen Time

Kids Place Screen time is a Kids Place plugin to set up advanced timer lock settings. Parents can set up a daily schedule for the device and/or any specific app on the device. It allows parents to:

ü     Set up a daily schedule to use device

ü     Set up a daily schedule to use a specific app

ü     Control how long an app can be used in a day

ü     Control how long Kids Place (device) can be used in a day

ü     Control Kid’s screen Time

Kids Place Store

Kids Place Store is a subscription based app store with only quality preapproved kid’s safe educational apps and games. The store only has curated content so that parents, if they wish, can provide access to the store to kids and be assured that no in-appropriate content will be accessed by kids. Kids Place Store is completely integrated with the Kids Place Parental Control App. Apps installed from Kids Place are automatically added as approved apps in the Kids Launcher so that parent intervention is not required. Kids Place Store has the following features:

ü     No ads or in-app purchases

ü     New apps every week

ü     An exclusive store for kids with curated content

ü     Place for quality educational and entertainment apps

ValuePad users enjoy 20% discount on subscription fees for Kids Place Store. Fees are automatically adjusted if subscription is made in the app.

Kids Picture Viewer

Kids Picture viewer is specifically designed for kids and toddlers to watch images. Parents can select a list of pictures stored on their device that kids can watch. App will only allow selected picture to be viewed and any other images that parents do not want their kids to see will not be available. Parent can record audio for each image and app will play the recorded sound as images are displayed in a slide show.

It’s also a plugin for Kids Place app to select pictures stored on the device, that kids can watch. The app can run as a standalone or within Kids Place to enforce parental control and child lock security.

ü     Parental Controls for Pictures

ü     Child Lock Settings

ü     Parents can Record sounds for each image